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Captains and Crew from the past David MacBrayne and Caledonian Steam Packet ships...
Unfortunately we are unable to deal with requests to research crew, any information found in there profiles is all the information we have to date or are able to supply.

If you have a relative, friend and knew of some one who worked for the company and would like to add there details, click here.





Adams, George W



Barra, Johnny  
Beaton, Lachie
Black, Callum  
Black Crawford, Hugh  
Bryce, Gair  
Buchanan, George  


Cameron, Dougald - NEW!  
Cameron, John  
Cameron, Jimmy  
Cameron, Sammy  
Cameron, Stewart - NEW!  
Campbell, Dan  
Campbell, Donald  
Campbell, H  
Carmichael, Alan  
Carswell, Ian  
Connell, Hector  
Connolly, Hugh  
Connor, Richard  
Cowan, G  
Craig, Donald  
Crawford, Donald  
Cunningham, Bill  


Dawson, Frank  
Downie, Archie  


Fitzpatrick, Frank  
Fitzsimons, Robert  
Fox, Kenneth  


Giles, Lachie    
Graham, Calum  
Gray John  


Hamilton, Dan  
Hardie, Neil
Harkins, Pat  
Hey, J  
Hodgson, James - UPDATED!  
Hood, Ian  
Hornsby, Alfie  
Howe, Willie  


Irvine, Ian  


Johnstone, Johnnie  


Kelso, Mervyn  
Kennedy, Angus  


Lamont, Archie  
Lamont, John  
Lavery, Hughie  
Logan, Andy  


MacArthur, Donald  
MacArthur, Duncy  
MacAskill, Dan  
MacCabe, John  
MacCallum, D  
MacCallum, John  
MacDonald, Angus  
MacDonald, Colin  
MacDonald, Roddy  
MacDonald, Roderick  
MacFarlane, Johnny  
MacInnes, Thomas James  
MacInnes, Alexander  
MacInnes, Donald  
MacInnes, John  
MacInnes, Murdo  
MacInnes, Roderick  
MacIntyre, Peter  
MacIver, Evander  
MacKay, Duncan  
MacKay, Ian  
MacKay, Louis  
MacKinnon, Angus  
MacKinnon, Donald  
MacKinnon, Alexander - NEW!
MacLachlan, Alex  
MacLachlan, Colin  
MacLachlan, Irene  
MacLean, Malcolm  
MacLeod, Dan
MacLeod, Donald  
MacLeod, George  
MacLeod, James  
MacLeod, Murdo  
MacLeod, Norman  
MacMillan, Hendry  
MacMillan, Henry  
MacNeill, John  
MacPherson, Kenneth  
MacRae, Lachie  
MacSween, S  
Martin, Bernard  
Macusbic, Roddy  
Martin, Donald Malcolm  
Mathieson, Archie  
Mathieson, Alistair  
McCuig, Donnie  
McDonald, Donald  
McDonald, Kate  
McGrouther, Ian  
McInnes, Murdoch    
McInnes, Neil    
McKay, Duncan  
McKenzie, Hector  
McLean, Bob  
McLean, Charles  
McLean, D  
McLeod, Donald  
McLeod, J  
McNab, Alexander  
McNeill, Angus  
McQueen, Dougie  
McTavish, Lachlan  
Mcusbig, Angus  
Miller, Hamish  
Montgomery, Angus  
Morrison, Alex  
Morrison, Iain  
Morrison, John  
Munro, George  
Murdoch, Fergus  
Murdoch, William D  
Murray, Roderick  
Murray, Sandy  


Nicholson, Neil  


Pandelus, Matthew  
Pandelus, James  
Parker, James  
Pasley, David  
Peacock, James  


Reid, Billy  
Ross, Jim  
Robertson, Stuart  
Robertson, Tom  


Shaw, Archie  
Shearer, James  
Sinclair, Alec  
Sinclair, Donald  
Skivington, Willie  
Smith, John  
Sproat, George  
Stewart, Archie  
Stewart, Rachel  
Sweeny, Randolph  


Tague, Jackie  
Tait, James Robert  


Walker, Norrie  
Watson, John  
Watt, Herbert  
Whitton, Ian  
Wilson, Jackie  
Woodrow, Neil  
Woodrow, Neilly  


       , Norman  
       , Roddy  
       , Stuart  
       , (Tuta)  
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Calderwood, Willie  
Henderson, Jenny  
Macleod, Kenneth  

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