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How to print ships profiles from Ships of CalMac...
To print a ships profile from Ships of CalMac you first need to select the ship you want, then click 'File' from the top left hand corner of your browser and then print. It should open a box with options on it, you need to select 'Page Setup' and then 'Landscape' you can then print the profile and it should come out on one page to make into a folder or just keep as is. If you want to save ink, you can either print it out in black and white, or request a just text version of the required ship of the entire fleet (see the Shop) Histories can be printed out the same way.
What's Those Symbols Mean?

Twin Screw Motor Vessel
Paddle Steamer
Single Screw Steamer
Twin Screw Steamer
Triple Screw Steamer
Motor Vessel
Double Screw Motor Vessel (ie all double-ended craft - the Loch Class ferries.)
Five Propellers (ie KING EDWARD)
Paddle Motor Vessel
Diesel Electric Paddle Vessel
Triple Screw Motor Vessel

David MacBrayne
Caledonian Steam Packet
Caledonian MacBrayne
Caledonian MacBrayne's affectionate name, known by locals and staff alike
Abbreviation of Ships Of CalMac
What's all That Engine Stuff Mean in the Ships Profiles?
What does the abbreviation of 2Oil4SCSA6Cy43/4"x6" mean!?

Well, lets take the case of the vessel Countess of Breadalbane:
Translates as 2 oil engines, 4-stroke cycle, single acting, 6 cylinders, 43/4" bore x 6"stroke.

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