From the Chopper

If you have seen some of the fantastic aerial pictures on this website of vessels such as CLANSMAN and HEBRIDES, you maybe wondering how they were taken. The answer is quite simply - from a Helicopter!
Winchman Chris Murray from the Coastguard Helicopter 'Mike Uniform' based at Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and, serving the waters on the western seaboard of Scotland, very kindly submits these superb pictures for us to view.

G-BIMU 'Mike Uniform'

Manufacturer: Sikorsky Type: S61N Maximum Speed: 131 knots Range: 400 Nautical Miles Endurance: 4 Hours 10 Minutes (over 5 for Mike Uniform) Length: 22.3 metres Rotor Diameter: 18.9 metres (62ft) Since writing this feature the Sikorsky has been replaced by a newer model, the S92.

Queens Award

Four members of the Stornoway Coastguard Helicopter: (L-R) Winchman Chris Murray, Co-Pilot Neil Stephenson, Pilot Clark Broad and Winch Operator Julian 'Smiler' Grinney are pictured receiving the Queens Award from her Majesty the Queen for there sterling efforts in saving nine of the crew from the fishing vessel Hansa in March 2001.

Reverse Shot!

Taken from the bridge wing of P&O St Rognvald on a routine crossing from Aberdeen to Lerwick, this shot shows Mike Uniform's sister Oscar Charlie on exercise above her. Oscar Charlie is based at Sumburgh Airport and performs similar tasks to her Western Isles counterpart - keeping us safe at sea.


CLANSMAN in the Minch

CLANSMAN in the Minch

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