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Hi All, We are currently undergoing some changes to the site (again!). The Forum. Having wanted to introduce a new streamlined SoC Forum, we started to roll out a version on this site, the new website in keeping with the new design and format. The feedback was quick, to the point and unanimous - the old forum was better and no one wanted to migrate over to the new one - this is the reason we have reverted back to the phpForum for the time being. As we've always said, this site only functions with your feedback and suggestions so we've listened - thank you all for your comments. You can use your old log in or you may have to create a new one - the old Forum is managed by a separate crew so if you have any issues, please use the contact feature on the forum itself. The Website. Thank you for your patience while we update parts of the site with new ships, past crew and other cosmetic changes. We all work pretty hard on the site (and in our days jobs) so please bare with us. As usual, any comments, feedback and additions are always welcome. We are now back on Instagram too, follow us here. Kind regards, Steve & the SoC Website Crew.

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john carten
john carten
Oct 11, 2023


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