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Live Tracking

Live tracking is available courtesy of Marine Traffic and AIS feedback.

This interactive LIVE map displays CalMac and other vessel's positions along the West Coast of Scotland.

Vessels in BLUE are passenger ships, in this map region they are mostly CalMac vessels. Click on a vessel to display further information about it or zoom in and out using the built in Google Maps controls. You may also change the map type and weather various labels are displayed or not.


Please note, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained in the live map below.

This map shows all vessels in range of various independent receivers around the area displayed via Marine Traffic servers.
SoC nor Marine Traffic have control over the broadcasting unless you want to set up your own receiver (see there site for more details).
Some areas are not covered at all due to land mass obstructing a view or lack of a receiver in that area.
Receivers are also not always turned on so ships signals may dip in and our or may not be available at all.
Clicking a vessel will display the last reported time it was seen at that particular location.
Generally it is only a minuet or two out from real time but occasionally it can be much more, especially if the ships image is a faded colour.

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