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In 2008 Caledonian Isles was having problems, Hebridean Isles was despatched from Kennacraig at 0100 this morning and arrived off Brodick shortly after daybreak. Caledonian Isles spent all morning tied up at Ardrossan, having returned there from unsuccessful trials in the early hours of the morning. She was by this time stern in at the Irish berth.
Hebridean Isles was unable to berth at Brodick due to strong north-westerly winds and spent the whole morning circling between Holy Isle and Corrie. She did attempt to berth at Brodick several times but was unsuccessful.
Caledonian Isles left Ardrossan on further sea trials shortly after 1200 and then crossed to Brodick where she was able to get alongside. The relief ship then headed north to Gourock in search of an overnight berth. The regular Arran ferry then left Brodick for yet more trials mid afternoon, returning around 1730 to await a lull in the weather. She eventually got away from Brodick at 2015 with an ad-hoc passenger sailing to Ardrossan.

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