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Past Crew Update

Many thanks to Jane Watson Wilks, the granddaughter of John, R Watson for updates to his profile on our site. Jane writes: "Great to find this site. I've spotted my grandfather on the list. Captain John R Watson. I can give you more details. He was born on 15/10/1899 and died on 5/12/1968. His hometown was Glasgow. My father also worked for MacBraynes up until the early 70s. His name was David G. Watson. Do you have any advice on where I can find more details about which boats he was on?" If you have any further updates, please let us know!

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Past Crew Update

With thanks to Ian Phillips for the following Past Crew Updates: UPDATED: John Tague UPDATED: Geroge Sporat


Capt John R Watson was for a long time Master on the Stornoway Cargo Boat “Lochdunvegan”. In this photograph he is on the 1964 Aberdeen built car ferry “Clansman” I would say berthed st Armadale Pier Isle of Skye.I presume that he was relieving on that vessel.

Capt David Watson did not stay very long with Calmac, he came to the company shortly before the three Aberdeen built ferries came into the fleet, if I remember he started as second mate in the cargo boats, he then served as Chief Officer on the car ferry “Columba”, later served as Master on the Cargo boat “Lochbroom” before leaving MacBraynes to work on North Sea Ferries.


Steve Hurst
Steve Hurst
Oct 23, 2022
Replying to

Many thnaks for the fainacting update! Ive added your informaton to a special profile page here: If you (or anyone) has updates, please let us know! 😊

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