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Welcome to our new look website.

We have been working hard during the Covid-19 lockdown to bring you this fresh look and a long awaited mobile version of our website.

With updated information on most ships, crossings and crew and a VAST collection of unseen images we really hope you enjoy our new format and logo.

Please let us know what you think via the contact us page.

A number of features are still undergoing testing so please be patient while we work to bring you some exciting additions.

Common F.A.Q.

What is the login on this page for..?

This feature is currently under testing and BRAND NEW to this site.

There is no need to sign up to this feature at all presently but it may become useful in the future to provide updates and enhanced features.

You may wish to create a new account using your SoC Forum details but this is a completely separate service.

Your current SoC Forum login WILL NOT WORK, you need to create a new account for this site as it runs new software.

Ships of CalMac is still, and will always be a free resource funded by us and open to all.

Has your forum changed..?

NO. As present it is still accessible via its usual address - NOTHING has changed on our Forum, your login details will still work as before.

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